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MMJ Day 3 – What a day!

Took a two-hour motorcycle ride through unpaved roads to the mountain, walked up the mine site for two hours, took video footage, photos and did interviews for about two hours, walked down for an hour via another trail, then another two-hour backbreaking motorcycle ride back to base.

We had a flat tire on our way to Lalab in Sibutad town. My companion and I walked almost three kilometers under the heat of the sun to go to a nearby village where a friendly village mechanic used a cigarette wrapper and kerosene to repair the tire.

That’s what happened on the third day of my out-of-town trip for my final project.

On our way home, we were rewarded with an amazing view of the sunset. It took the sore on my butt away. Unfortunately, my whole body is now aching and I can hardly move.

More tomorrow.

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