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It has been two years since the first Camp Blog at Pampanga Agricultural College. Some of the students who attended the first Camp are now in college. I hope they were able to make use of the skills they learned during the Camp.

I learned a lot from the activity. I learned to deal with young people, understand their interests, and their peculiarities. I learned to work with teachers from different regions of the country. I learned to talk before a mix crowd of young people barely in their teens and teachers, some of whom are in their retirement age already.

I also learned from the resource persons – the likes of Yvonne Chua, Luz Rimban, Glen Reales, Jaymark Tordecilla, Jimmy Domingo, and the others my sleepy mind has a hard time to remember right now.

I was in Panabo, Davao del Norte, last week to talk about transforming school papers into online publications for the Mindanao leg of this year’s Camp Blog. I was fascinated by the excitement and talent of the participants from Mindanao. Their creativity and dedication – especially of the teachers – are laudable.

And I learned later that everybody, including the facilitators and organizers, benefited a lot from the expertise of Keith Bacongco who taught photography and design.

I spent the past three days now with the Luzon leg of the Camp inside the SBMA Freeport. Another set of young minds are now in the middle of their six-day learning process on using ICT to reach to a wider audience for their school papers.

Next is Leyte for the Visayas leg.

There’s no end to learning and the adventure of sharing knowledge to the younger generation. I just hope that it would be not as rainy as this week in Baybay.

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