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It has been a long time since I posted an entry on this blog site. It doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t been writing. I write. I actually do, every day. I write and edit for, I have a column on the tabloid Remate and I have an FB account.

I have another blog – – where I plan to post notes, personal observations, and musings. This blog will continue to exist with some of my opinion articles and, hopefully, tips about new media writing.

Many of us, journalists especially, have been writing for some time already. We made mistakes. There were a lot. But it doesn’t mean that we stop, especially in this age of instant access to publishing platforms like blogs and social networking accounts.

Writing has become more necessary, especially good writing, to communicate thoughts in this time of misunderstandings.

There are more writing opportunities than ever, says an article in the magazine Wired. But writing in this age of FB and Twitter requires more skills than what we learn from our high school teachers or from the rules we read from that small book by Strunk and White.

Aside from learning technicalities like SEO to make our stories viral, we need to attract readers with depth and detail, but in so many words that they don’t hit that “next” button on their computer or iPad.

According to Wired, writing today also means “mastering metatext, the cues and context that determine how, where, and if your word gets read.”

Linking to your article online depends on” appealing to the unique tastes of different social networks.”

While trying to appeal to search engines, new writing should also “be conspicuous, be entertaining, and leave space for others to talk.”

The number of words in this entry is the ideal number for an effective online article. For a longer discussion, a reader needs to leave a comment for the author to answer, or the author needs to post another entry.

That’s it for now.

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    Salamat sa pointers! ‘will keep them in mind 😉

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